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Counter displays file size errors

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I use Wireless Manager 5 v.2 on my LG Netbook. Recently I have reset the information fields to zero and sent a small email file of about 100 KB for the test purpose. Soon after I saw the information line:

Duration 00:03:56s
Sent 4,30 GB
Received 4,30 GB
Last Reset: 18.08.2010 12:17:08

It seems to be impossible to transfer 8,6 GB within such a short time via UMTS and there is no application urged to do such transfers. But they probably will charge me for this enormous file size. Could this be a counting failure and/or are there more size counters hidden in the program?

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While performing the test I recommend closing all the applications that might need the Internet at that time. However, it's impossible to generate a 4GB file using only a 100KB file in 3 minutes. This has to be an error with the application, because it's impossible to create a file with this size using 100 KB. Repeat the step and the counter should display it normally.

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