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Importing data from MapInfo to Google Earth.

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What is the procedure for importing sites from MapInfo to Google Earth?

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MapInfo Professional (MiPro) Version 8 (or a later version) allows users to download a utility that will allow them to map images such as the contents of a thematic map, Map Objects such as custom territory boundaries or a path of a hurricane to Google Earth... This is a one way translation only between the two products. However, if you've convinced yourself (or your management has convinced you) that you really want the visualization tools of Google Earth, this is exactly what you need... MapInfo Professional Google Earth Link Utility can be downloaded from the MapInfo website...The site also provides instructions on how to download a 20 day evaluation of MIPro v8.0 for customers that do not have MapInfo Professional.

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In order to export your data from MapInfo to Google Earth, you will need to use Google Earth Connection Utility that comes packaged with MapInfo software. Once you open your files in MapInfo, go to Tools menu and select Tool Manager. Scroll down to Google Earth Connection Utility and check the box below Loaded. Click OK and from the Map menu select Google Earth Link > Export to Google Earth. After that, select a destination directory, type a file name and click OK. Also, you will have the possibility to open the file directly in Google Earth if you check the Send to Google Earth now box.

If you want to export only some specific points to Google Earth instead of the entire file, select them and from the Map menu select again Google Earth Link > Export to Google Earth. Check the box next to Export selected objects (KML), click OK, select a destination folder and a file name and press again OK.

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