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The voice is not clear.

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I have the Realtek audio card and driver, but the voice is not clear. What can I do?

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Try updating your drivers... But a problem of compatibility might arise because the new drivers are incompatible with mother-boards... So, try installing the drivers compatible with your mother-board... You might get those from the CD which you got with the mother-board...

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In order to fix the problems, I suggest you navigate to the official web page and update your audio card driver to the latest version. Also, make sure that you're using a high quality microphone. If you want to use only your voice, I recommend you purchase a unidirectional microphone that captures the sound only from one direction. Also, download and install a utility specialized in voice recordings that helps you to eliminate the noise and improves the quality of the voice.

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I donĀ“t have any kind of sound. I don't hear anything.

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