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Sending videos via email.

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I made 3 beautiful short videos and I want to send them to my grandchildren via email, but the files are too big. I had to disconnect my Internet connection in order to delete the videos. I can't open MS Outlook and send the videos. How can I create videos that I can send?

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Well to start off what ISP (i.e. comcast, AOL, AT&T ect...) do you have???

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In order to send the videos via email using Microsoft Outlook, you will need to make sure that the attachment size is not exceeding 20 megabytes (20480 KB). You can try to create videos using a lower resolution:

enter image description here

After that, you can try to send them one by one. However, instead of Microsoft Outlook, I suggest you use an online transfer service that will allow you to attach large files. You can use WeTransfer, Hightail, DropSend, SendThisFile or Filemail.

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Viotalk app and website which helps you lot

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