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Internet Explorer 8 is not working on my laptop.

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Internet Explorer 8 works on my desktop with no problems but on my laptop it is not responding and ends up crashing. I tried to reinstall it, but it says that I have a more recent version of the browser installed. What can I do?

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This problem happens sometimes... Uninstall the IE8 you have on your laptop... Download the setup from IE website and install... First install latest java then try again. Steps to enable JAVA on IE8.
Click on "Tools" in the menu bar of Internet Explorer to expand the tools menu, then click on "Internet Options."

Click on "Advanced" to switch to the advanced options tab.

Scroll down until you see "Java (Sun)," and check the box for "enable JRE" as shown in the picture.

Click "OK" to save this change, and close the options menu.

Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.
If this doesn't work uninstall the previous IE clean your registry and install IE8.

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In order to solve the issue, I suggest you reset the Internet Explorer settings following the instructions from Microsoft Support page. If this doesn't help, go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Turn Windows features on or off, uncheck the Internet Explorer box and click OK. Reboot your computer, go again to Turn Windows feature on or off section and check the Internet Explorer box.

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