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The program will not allow the 2010 year.

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The program will not allow the 2010 year. It changes it to 2000. It is working OK with 2000 to 2009 years with ' instead of /, but now nothing works. What can I do?

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Get the most recent update for it from Parson's website... Your problem is solved...

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I am having the same problem. I am running Vista, but I also tried it in Windows 98 and Windows XP. No luck. The one thing I noticed that will still allow you to use the program, is to accept the date that is placed in a new scorecard, and do not try to change it or click on the calendar. It will save the scorecard with 2010.

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This is a problem encountered by many Golf Digest ScoreCard users. The application is pretty old and its developer doesn't configure it to use years higher than 2009. Unfortunately, you can't update it or purchase a newer version because Parsons Technology is out of business. I suggest you check Software Informer database for an alternative solution.

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