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I can burn audio files, but I can't burn videos.

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I can burn audio files, but I can't burn videos. It stops at the middle of the process. Can you help?

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easy and simple way, just select all the videos that you can to burn into the CD, open my computer and then your CD-writer and drag them into Cd-Writer and click burn the files written on the upper left corner


you can use some specially designated softwares to burn such as

  • Nero
  • Ashampoo
    and many more

yes if you have them saved on your hard rive you can use any cd burinig program, but rmember blank cd's are only 80 minutes long, when you use the burinig program simply burn the cd as DATA not music, but rmember it may only play back on your pc and not on your dvd player do to format

real player format will burn onto a cd or dvd as a data file only
u need to convert it to a .divx or.wma for u to burn it on a dvd or cr to watch in a dvd player

the best program to burn is nero..

I think this helped... :D :D :D

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First, I suggest you download and install the latest version of the RealPlayer software. After that, launch it, select Burn and choose the Video Disc Burner option. Select Data CD as CD Type and follow the instructions provided by the developer. If you still have issues, you can get in touch with the Support Team using the contact information from the official web page. Also, as an alternative, you can use another burning utility from Software Informer database.

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With out being more specific about what burning program you are using, the type of file you are burning(dvd,avi,mp4,etc...) or what operating system you are using, it would be very hard to tell you what is causing the problem. Please try again. :D

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