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Internet Explorer installation error.

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I have Internet Explorer setup, but when I'm trying to install it, there is an error. Can you help?

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first install latest java then try again. Steps to enable JAVA on IE8.
Click on "Tools" in the menu bar of Internet Explorer to expand the tools menu, then click on "Internet Options."

Click on "Advanced" to switch to the advanced options tab.

Scroll down until you see "Java (Sun)," and check the box for "enable JRE" as shown in the picture.

Click "OK" to save this change, and close the options menu.

Restart your browser for the changes to take effect.
If this doesn't work uninstall the previous IE clean your registry and install IE8. :D :D

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You can't install Internet Explorer on your computer because either the installation package is corrupted or the browser is not compatible with your system. If you're using Windows XP or below, you need to download and install Internet Explorer 8.0. If you're using Windows Vista or above, you will need to use Internet Explorer 11.0. You can check the requirements for all versions of the browser on Microsoft Support page.

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first install latest java then try again

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