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My monitor becomes blank (black).

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During the installation process of 195.62 drivers for Windows 7, my monitor becomes blank (black) and I can't see anything even if my PC is running. Now when I start the computer there is no display. The problem may occur because the refresh rate is set over my monitor's limit. I'm using a VA1703wb monitor by ViewSonic. Can you help?

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I don't know why everyone just says reinstall windows to fix every little problem? that's a lot of work and for a novice may be way over there heads and end up with a vey exspencive repair bill! Just try to start Window in Safe Mode but hitting the F8 key several time just after the bois screen drops out and before windows starts to load it may take a few times to get it right but you can do it (o; then try to uninstall the driver you just installed to get you into this mess, If that does not work then hit the F8 key again only this time click on the line that says "Start Windows from the last knowen good start up" or go back to windows at a time BEFORE you loaded that driver and you shouls be golden!
Good luck ..(o;

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In order to fix the problem, I suggest you start Windows in safe mode using the instructions from Microsoft Support page. Once you can see your desktop, press Windows + Pause/Break key combination and open Device Manager. Locate the installed driver, right-click on its icon and press Uninstall. After that, go to Start, type dxdiag and open the utility. Click the Display tab, check your video card model and download and install the compatible drivers from the developer's web page.

Note: If the monitor is not opening using Safe Mode, you will need to connect your computer to another one in order to uninstall the driver.

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Start Windows in safe mod and press F8.
More info ->
When you see, the screen is black reinstall windows. (This reinstall the graphic card)

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