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Free Download Manager guide.

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What are the minimum steps to download images, videos, pages, etc. through this software? If this program can't do it, please tell me what software I am required.

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The simplest way is to start FDM, click on the + sign and type the URL. You can copy the URL you want to the clipboard, and it should detect it as well. As for videos, it's more complicated. Youtube and other well-known sites shouldnt be a problem. go to the Video download Tab and just paste the URL (Sorry, my FDM is in Spanish). Anyway, If you are using Firefox, give a try to Download helper 1. It should be of more help, and is by far more versatile for videos, and other media. To download files, still recommend FDM

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Once you download and install the latest version of the program, reboot the computer, open the browser, enable the plugin and right-click anywhere on a page. You will have the possibility to download a video or all the content of a web page:

enter image description here

If you select the first option, Free Download Manager will display all the files that you can download. Remove the ones that you don't want to download, select a destination directory and then press OK. If you select the second option, the software will download all the videos from that page.

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