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Cheat codes for Counter-Strike.

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Counter-Strike is really nice, but I don't have cheat codes for this game. Can you help?

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there is no use of playing this game with cheats

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:D :D U're right!!! but i think cheat is 4 get fun
there are some cheat, but only work for offline mode (multiplayer mode) and only for game creator (Room Master).
click ` (left of 1)
type : sv_gravity ########## (# = a number as U wish) to change the gravity

try to find others

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answered by not a cheat...........but a good program for counter strike playing even you can play with 10 bots experts and win the game no matter who are you counter or terrorist

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You can find cheat codes for Counter-Strike using Google search engine. In order to activate them you will need to open the console by using ~ key. These cheats will allow to add bots to your server, to change gravity, to fly, to add money and so on.

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