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How can I download a full version of EA games for free?

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How can I download a full version of EA games for free?

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Legally you can simply type in your activation code... which is only free if you previously bought the game on DVD. Otherwise EA Down loader is for EA company to make money... so not fore free. You need a P2P program for "free" games.

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Buy it like everyone else. When you pirate it, you are a thief, There is no difference between p2p and going into Best Buy and shoplifting it from there. Who makes up for these losses? Honest people who buy it. :(

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Not all EA games are free of charge. You can check a list with the free games developed by Electronic Arts on the official web page. In order to download and play them, you will need an Origin account. Enter your email address, click Next and fill up the provided fields. After that, select a game from the list, enter your account information and click Play/Download button.

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