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I can't access the Network Magic's shared folders from my wife's PC. Can you help?

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I upgraded the program from Trend Micro Internet Security to Internet Security Pro. Its new Firewall Settings now prevent me from accessing Network Magic's shared folders on my wife's PC and vice versa. I can get access to Network Magic's shared folders if I turn off Trend Micro's firewall and use Windows firewall. Is this OK?

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Yes, this is OK, but I suggest you first to scan that shared folders from your wife PC. Also, to not keep your antivirus firewall disabled, you can use the Add an Exception feature. Open Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and go to Personal Firewall > Settings. Check the Activate the Personal Firewall box and press Advanced Settings. In the Program Control tab, click Add and type Network Magic in the Description field. Use the Target option to navigate to Network Magic installation folder and open its executable file. After that, from Settings go to Advanced and click Add. For Connection select Both option, for Response select Allow, for Protocol choose TCP/UDP and check the All Ports box. In the Types select IP address (IPv4) and enter your wife computer IP address. Also, you can type the hostname and click Resolve to get the IP address. After that, click twice OK and restart the antivirus.

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