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Echelon configuration server ver. 2.00.24 LNS node

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I have a lontalk channel communicating with multiple devices on my network (the VNI node, node type LNS). In the Echelon config server isn't connected and may be causing communication problems. I think the VNI has an old IP no longer used assigned to it.

Where does the IP Address come from? Is it an address you assign to it like any other piece of hardware or is it the same IP address that the PC server the Echelon config server is running on?

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The IP address is taken from the computer where the server is from. You can't assign a custom IP without a network adapter installed. Of course, you can have as many network adapters as the motherboard supports, but you will have to specify it when it happens. In other case, the server will have the IP of the computer (routed or not). The automatic IP is set based on the DHCP, but you also have the possibility to set a custom IP. You just need to make sure that IP can be assigned to the server.

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