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My burned audio CD is not working properly.

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I burned my audio MP3 disc successfully, but after that I got a message saying that some of the songs are unreadable. Also, when I play my disc in my DVD player I didn't get any audio output. The song was played by DVD player but there was no audio.

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Try to burn at the possible lowest speed such as 4X or 8X :)

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How to make Nero get stared to work

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mp3 recordings will mot be read on regular dvd players. It must have mp3 set ups. Newer players as I my car will play mp3b but it is built to do so.

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Firstly, in order to fix the problem, I recommend you uninstall and reinstall the Nero software. After that, go to Start, type dxdiag and open the utility. Click the Sound tab, check your audio card model and download and install the latest drivers from the developer's page. Next, use the Burn Audio CD tutorial provided by the support team to burn your music. If you follow these instructions you shouldn't have any problem.

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