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Comparing Bitmeter daily statistics to ISP billing monthly billing statistics.

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I am "limited" by my ISP (uploads and downloads = to a certain number of GBs each month).

I have two PCs fed by a wireless router with Bitmeters installed on both PCs. The Bitmeter daily stats don't fit the ISP monthly bills at all. What does Bitmeter measure and what does my ISP measure that they bill me for? Is it possible that they don't measure the same thing? I would like to use my bitmeter .CSV files to dispute my ISP over-usage bills but I need to understand both measures.

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If you have the CSV files, you should present then to your ISP, however, the ISP and the application monitor the same thing only that Bitmeter gives you an in-depth look over your traffic. The ISP might count the whole traffic you make (upload and download). Bitmeter measures the upload, download, and the current speed for a moment or calculate the average for that day.

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