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The PC shuts down after 10-20 minutes of playing.

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I have a problem with my computer. It shuts down after 10-20 minutes of playing Counter-Strike Source. What should I do?

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I would say either you play to much and your computer is overheating or the game need to be put on lower qualaties like low because if you put it on high(like me :P)it might crash your computer.(Only If You Have It On HIGH)If you have it on low and it crashes then get a new computer :P

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If your computer dosent start at onece, its overheating.
Had overheating problems when i playd CSS.
But all you need to do is to use the vacume cleaner and vacume trought the venting holes!

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In order to fix the problem, I recommend you press Alt + Ctrl + Delete key combination, open Task Manager and close all unnecessary applications that are running in background. After that, update your video card drivers and try to run the game. If the issues persist, you may have problems with the CPU fans and you will need to visit a local service center.

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