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Where can I find the @aGlance/IT API user manual?

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Where can I find the @aGlance/IT API user manual? Is it necessary to install the @aGlance/IT Professional Edition, in order to be able to use these libraries?

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I think Axeda ( now owns @aGlance/IT. What version are you using? The API specifications used to be available on Intuitive Technology's web site, but that site is gone. Depending on the version you are using you probably have to rely on grubbing around the Web or looking through whatever your predecessors saved from the initial @aGlance/IT distribution...

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No, it's not necessary to install the software in order to have access to the user manual. Since the official web page of the developer is no longer available, I suggest you use Google search engine to find a user manual, instructions and tips for @aGlance/IT.

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