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I'm receiving the message that "SPBBC" is missing

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I keep getting a message saying: "Unable to install". It states that "SPBBC" is missing. I can't even go to Windows Update. XP Security Center tells me "Certificates are not valid". What can I do?

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This Version of Defender is for VISTA, not for XP ...

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because defender is a part of vista PS you're looking for windows anti-spyware

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You need to know that the official version of Windows Defender has been developed to work on Windows Vista and above Windows platforms. If you're trying to install an unofficial version of the software, I recommend updating Windows Installer using the package provided by Microsoft. Also, SPBBC is a file that comes packaged with Symantec Endpoint Protection. In order to fix the missing file error, I recommend that you download and install the software from the official website.

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