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Google Earth resolution information.

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What should I do for a better resolution?

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There are a number of things that can contribute to resolution problems. One could be that the particular page did not load fully. Another problem may be your image settings. If other pictures look pixelated, and if you have an internet accelerator on, it may be set to lower image quality for the sake of speed.

However, if you are talking about size problems, and not quality, then you may need to up you monitor resolution to accomodate the image. Also try resizing the window, which usually solves the problem.

If none of these responses have answered your question, you may need to elaborate. What is your exact issue? We cannot help you if you do not tell us what is wrong exactly.

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In order to increase the resolution and the quality of Google Earth data, go to Tools > Options > Cache and clear your cache. After that, click the 3D View tab and turn off Anisotropic Filtering. Also, you need to know that Google doesn't provide high-resolution data for all the locations. Check the article from the official web page for further information. If you're not satisfied, you can purchase Google Earth Pro.

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