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I can't log in to EZSINO Pinyin.

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I recently purchased the EZSINO Pinyin software from Shanghau Pudong International Airport. After I install it, I can't use the username and password generated by the serial number to log in. Also, I can't log on the website in order to register. Can you help me?

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Dear EZSINO user,

Thanks for your email and we are delighted to provide you the relevant information.

I just opened some times could be slow but it shows no problem, however we suggest you the following.

If you read carefully the manual, the serial number is to register users that have not internet connection, and the typing is case sensitive.

Please do the following:

Go to

Register an user name and password, then install the software again , when ask for serial just type skip, then install plattform and lessons to your PC and when is done restart and for the first time you need to be connected to internet, click on your ezsino patform icon on the desktop and use your user name and passoword you used to register on

To facilitate your setup we created an user name for you
user: stevenuser
Password: steven

Thanks for choosing EZSINO as your chinese lenguage partner.

If you need further assiatance please send us email to

Alvaro Hernandez for EZSINO

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Hi,i was in shanghai last year July 2008,i purchased Ezsino Cse-2007, which i never used until today,i installed it but for some reason i cant login and i also dont have a user name and password.i tried to go to the link which is still not working.i am a student in china and i really need your help to study for a chinese exam i have coming up.Thank you.

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Unfortunately, the official web page domain has expired and the developer seems to be out of business. In this case, I suggest you contact the application provider and ask for clarification. Also, you can check Software Informer database for an alternative solution.

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