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License issue for MailSender.

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I tested the EmailSender package with Delphi, to send an e-mail, and it works great. As license code I used "tryit" -> "oSmtp.LicenseCode: = 'Tryit';". When the trial period expires, I imagine that my program will not send any more emails. Before buying the license, I would like to know if the license will allow me to use the program on the PC where I create the program with Delphi or all the PCs on which I'm going to install the program (4 in total)?

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It seems that the developer of MailSender has transfer the program's license under GNU General Public License version 2.0. This means that the program is freeware and you can use it without the need to purchase a license. Because of this, you will be able to use the program on all 4 computers. For more information about this license type, visit the following official website.

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