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Global shaping to a point with NX3 would allow you to move the center of the curve of the deformation area to a different point and that point would be the center of deformation with the greatest deformation at that new location. With NX7.5 you can do the same procedure, but when you pick a new point of deformation, it will put a vector at that point and tell you that it will deform in 5mm at that new point. However, it does not. It is still deforming from the center of the curve of the deformation area. It makes it very difficult to get the correct deformation at the point you choose for center of deformation. Does something go wrong or am I missing something?

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You can check the websites found through the Google Search. There are a few ones you can use to get information about the procedure explained above. For example, you can use NXTutorials website. Access the Google Search results as well. Also, there are video tutorials you can watch to learn how to resolve the issue.

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