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YouTube homepage won't load.

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When I access YouTube, the page won't load correctly. It loads the text and lots of 'broken' icons. There's also lots of text throughout the page that say 'loading'. I'm using Windows 7 OS, AVG virus protection and Windows built-in Firewall. I'm connected to the Internet through a wireless DSL modem. Another computer that's hardwired to the same modem renders the YouTube page perfectly, so I don't think it's a modem issue. Other videos from other web pages seem to work fine. It just seems to be the YouTube page that is broken. I would like to attach a screenshot of what the broken page looks like. Is that possible?

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In order to attach a picture, you first need to upload it to a website and use < image url > to attach it to your post.

To fix this problem, you can try to clear the cache and history from your browser. This should work most of the time. Also, try to update your add-on to the latest versions. If none of these are working, try using another browser like Internet Explorer for a while. The cause for this is currently unknown but some people fix it using the mentioned solution.

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