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I can't use the webcam. Why is this happening?

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So I got an update alert for my Webcam Central and I installed it, but it failed half way and made me restart my computer. Now I can't open it, so I tried to install again but it gives me a message saying that the file is too comprehensive and the installation is impossible. I tried to uninstall so I can re-install it after, but a pop up comes up saying that the file is gone and now I can't use it. How can I fix it?

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It is very tedious to work with Dell Webcam Central regarding all their problems in the past. If you have lost the setup package, please go to Dell Support and register for an account. You will need to register the device you have so that My Software enables itself. Once you do this, click My Software in the Member's area and download the application again.

I recommend on cleaning the registry files with CCleaner before you attempt another installation.

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