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Cannot save data in the MSN AccountWell software.

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I am using the MSN AccountWell software and I am facing the following issue: whenever I save data a pop-up is coming up saying the following: "String or binary files would be truncated. The statement has been terminated." Why am I getting this message? How to resolve this issue?

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Please check the file and the data you are trying to import because it seems that you are trying to import data into a filed that supports only a certain amount of characters. Once you do this, the error will disappear.

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This happens when you are trying to use more characters and numbers in a well delimited string field. The programs checks the string field if it has the right amount of characters and it displays an error when you are trying to save. On the other hand, it is best to always import the right amount of data in numbers and characters and even in size. If you're using something that is beyond these limits, you will get errors.

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