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I'd like to have both Screenpaver accounts use the same settings on the same PC.

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I have installed Screenpaver in Windows 7. It's a great program. I choose which directories to display every couple of weeks or so, but it's fiddly because there are two accounts on this PC and I'd like to have both accounts use the same settings. Can I do that without changing settings for both accounts every time?

Also, I recently reconfigured my PC and have lost the tray utility. Can you tell me how to get it back?

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Update: The tray utility is available to registered users, and it will be provided through email along with the download instructions.

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Unless the application uses INI files to store settings, I believe these are kept into the registry and since custom registry parts are attributed to each of the user account, the application will use the different settings. Also, to have the utility back, simply re-install the application.

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Yes, actually I did a more thorough search and found my archived copy of the tray utility as a separate .exe Thanks for your advice.

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