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Telebroad Voicepad/Callpad

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I have a Telebroad Voicepad downloaded on my laptop. The thing is that Voicepad system hangs up. I wanna ask how to prevent this? What are the specifications of this app? I have 1.5 mbps DSL Internet connection. Is this Internet too bad for Voicepad? Can this be downloaded on my Android phone?

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Your Internet connection is capable enough to deliver an optimum level of performance regarding Telebroad but I believe you need to upgrade. Your speed, 1.5 mbps (192 KB/s), is rather low for the actual requirements regarding VoIP technology. Also, you may experience this because of the network quality (as mentioned earlier) or from the server's connectivity and performance which in this case you can't do anything.

You should change the Internet connection to something equal or more than 10 mbps.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. Can I ask what's the full requirements using Telebroad so it will work perfectly?


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The Telebroad voicepad is their own version of a VoIP Softphone. According to the Telebroad Cloud PBX requirements, they use compressed audio on their voice channels for which your actual bandwidth should be more than enough (a uncompressed Audio channel would use around 100 KB/s and a compressed channel uses about the half, so your speed should have you covered.

If your Telebroad VoicePad or Voip softphone hangs up on you in middle of a call, perhaps you may be using a poor wireless connection from your laptop to your Modem or you may be moving away from it?

If that's not the case, since you're actually using Telebroad as your phone provider too, I recommend that you call their support line.

Hope that helps.

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