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How to download games to my Lava Discover 135 mobile smartphone?

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asked Apr 14, 2013
edited Apr 24, 2013 by Nadia B

I have a Lava Discover 135 mobile smartphone and I want to download games. Can you help me, please?

6 Answers

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answered Apr 15, 2013 by Julia Bocchetta (193,560 points)

Since the phone does have Google services available but not Google Play Store, you will need to use the Lava Zone application which gives you access to the store from where you can download apps and games.

asked Oct 20, 2013
edited Oct 21, 2013 by Pete Clapp
How can I download Games from Lava Zone?
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answered Apr 18, 2013

My lavazone is not open what can i do plz help me

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answered May 23, 2013

I want to be the lava 135 car race games.How to download.

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answered Jul 12, 2013

I want to download car tace but how to download

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answered May 14, 2014 by foldan54 (220 points)

I want to download angry birds but how to download

Jeux Pc Gratuit

0 votes
answered Sep 17, 2014

just search for extention .vxp on google........ it supports it same as .apk

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