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I have a problem, I can't get my camera started. I have a DN-16004 but I dont have drivers for Windows 7 and I can't find them anywhere!

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I have connected DN-16004 on my modem, installed IP Pro but it is for Windows Vista. I couldn't find it for Windows 7. The camera was detected and its IP address but I can't get it started and before I can do anything, the program tells me to type some user name and password. Whatever I type it won't start working.

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You will not find drivers for this product because it's a USB-ready device, which means that from the moment you plug it in, the necessary drivers of the webcam will be automatically installed. Try to set compatibility to Vista before running the application and you will encounter less errors or even no errors at all. You can do this by right clicking its main executable, Properties then Compatibility. From the drop-down menu choose Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

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