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Infomation about MCP390x

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I would like to ask a question about MCP390X plate. I also like to know how MCP390XdataVIEW works, since I am working with the board to make the final project which is about the consumption of electric and information need to finish.

Thank you very much.

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MCP390X dataVIEW is a utility that allows you to view signal and certain parameters by the MCP390X chip. You can use this software only when you connect the chip to the PC through a COM port. The initialization is performed using Main Menu > Operation > Connect to specified COM port.

Once the connection is initialized, you can perform different tests related to your chip by running the RUN command.

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Thank you very much Peter

What happens to the computer board I have no way of connecting. So wondering if there were any pic to put on the board to connect to the computer. Somehow you know?

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