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How to list audio tracks by composer in any media player in Windows?

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Although there is a Composer tag in MP3 files, I can't find a media player that will let me arrange my tracks by composer. It is not helpful to list by orchestra or conductor.

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The function you will need to use is implemented in almost every audio player. Most audio players nowadays have a Media Library where music can be organized by different filters and parameters. In your case I will recommend the most used one, Winamp, which features a powerful Media library with the functions you want. The function you will need to use refers to the SORT BY: Artist. From the main window of Winamp, press on ML button and then load the music from your computer using drag’n’drop method then you can sort it just the way you want it.

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I have looked at WinAmp, and I still can't list by Composer. The Media library view doesn't have a Composer column. Is there an option to add one?

If the Artist tag is set to be the name of the composer, then, yes, the composer appears in the list. But normally and logically, the Artist tag is set to the performing artist(s), with the Composer tag free for the composer name.

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In many audio file players you will notice that Composer is rarely used and instead of that, the columns by which music is sorted are related to Track Name, Artist, Encoding,etc.
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There is a player that can do the job: foobar2000
In classical music the COMPOSER field is very useful and can be displayed in foobar2000 only if it is already existent in the (MP3) metatag. You can insert that field using software like mp3tag.

In foobar2000 go to preferences->display->columns UI->playlist view-> columns tab and add a new column named composer. In options tab insert COMPOSER in the linked meta field and in script tab in subbtab display insert [%composer%]. Finally click apply to effectuate these choices.

now you sort each track by composer if you like to.

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