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How to recover deleted SMS text messages from Samsung Mobile having Android 2.3.6 Installed?

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I want to recover deleted SMS text messages from my mobile for a particular number. All the SMS messages are deleted instantly and no threads were present on my mobile so I need to recover every SMS individually.

Please help me on this.

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a simple cheap usb stick from can retrieve it all everytime you accidently delete data from android or iphones It worked for me
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You could google for answers since so many people are using Samsung mobile phone, there must be users having encountered the same situation as you.
I used the iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery when I deleted my samsung text message, this recovery app works great!
How to restore the text message from samsung phone ?
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If you deleted your important text messages on your android, that’s too bad especially when you don’t have a backup. Now don’t worry, you just need the help from Samsung Recovery software.
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Here are some methods for you to recover your deleted text messages on your Samsung phone.Just foolow the guides:
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thankls thanks. fixed

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You can use MobiKin Doctor for Android software to recover deleted SMS text messages from Samsung phone easily. I use it and feel well. Hope this helps!

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There are a couple of different PC and Mac-based tools to help you, the particular tool you choose will depend on your personal preference, but they basically do the same thing: scan your Android's memory, then identify and recover your ''deleted'' messages. They'll all walk you through the process, which is usually only four steps long: connect, scan, preview, recover. The process works for other data besides text messages as well.

How to recover lost text messages on Android Samsung Mobile, see here:

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Once lost text messages from your android phone.You should not add or delete the text messages in your android phone.If the lost messages may get overwritten, which means you can no longer get back the lost messages.
How to recover deleted text messages

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Sometimes we accidentally deleted some information, but these information are very important to us. If we have a backup, so congratulations you, you are able to recover lost text messages on Samsung, But most people do not back up, this time we need data recovery software.Recently, I use a kind of professional data recovery software called FonePaw Android Data Recovery, this is my friend introduced to me,I think it is very good, because you can get all your lost or deleted files back without backup. So you can have a try, I hope it is useful to you.

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A data recovery tool can help solving this problem.
Usually, besides text message recovery, the lost data like contacts, photos,memos,music all can be recovered.

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You can recover lost data with the backup saved before if not, you can use the third party application to restore the data. Here is some good advice for you, hope you can benefit from it.
In this article, you will meet a very good recovery program that will handle all the stress for you. It won’t require a technician after all. You can do the job easier and faster.
For better step by step procedures follow these guides:
Step1. Download FoneDog – Android Data Recovery, Install and Launch
Step2. Connect Samsung Galaxy S Note to the computer
Step3. Select Files for Data Extraction
Step4. Select Device Fault Type and Download Mode
Step5. Retrieve deleted messages by preview and selection
Related tutorials:
Restore Contacts from Broken Samsung Galaxy S Note
Recover Text Messages on Damaged Galaxy phone/tablet
5 Steps to Recover Your Deleted Text Messages
Hope it can help you sooner. Good luck.

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Can also try Android Data Recovery from RenewAndroid! A few simple steps and allows you to gain SMS back.

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If you have a computer, you can recover deleted messages from Samsung via Gihosoft Android Data Recovery Free. It’s a professional Android file recovery software. With it, you are able to recover deleted text messages, contacts, call logs, photos, music, videos, WhatsApp messages and Viber chat history from Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, Motorola, Google, Oneplus, Sony, Lenovo, ZTE as well as other Android devices easily. Next, I will introduce how to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung with Gihosoft Android Data Recovery.

User Guide of Samsung SMS Recovery:

Step 1. Download and install Gihosoft Android Data Recovery on your computer.
Step 2. After running it, Deselect All, check Messages and click the Next button.
Step 3. Enable USB debugging and connect Samsung to a computer via a USB cable.
Step 4. Once connected, tap Start to begin the process of scanning deleted messages.
Step 5. After previewing, tap Recover to retrieve deleted messages on Samsung mobile.

Note: Please tap Backup My Data on your phone screen when you connect Samsung to the computer. Meanwhile, kindly note that when you mistakenly deleted messages, please stop using your phone to send text messages to prevent the lost texts from being overwritten and thus cannot be restored.

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Android data recovery is reliable tool to do the recovery. It can help you get back the SMS without backup. In addition, it can recover lost contacts, videos, photos, etc. See
how to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy s9
recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy s10

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