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How to recover deleted SMS text messages from Samsung Mobile having Android 2.3.6 Installed?

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I want to recover deleted SMS text messages from my mobile for a particular number. All the SMS messages are deleted instantly and no threads were present on my mobile so I need to recover every SMS individually.

Please help me on this.

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a simple cheap usb stick from can retrieve it all everytime you accidently delete data from android or iphones It worked for me
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You could google for answers since so many people are using Samsung mobile phone, there must be users having encountered the same situation as you.
I used the iPubsoft Android SMS+Contacts Recovery when I deleted my samsung text message, this recovery app works great!
How to restore the text message from samsung phone ?
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If you deleted your important text messages on your android, that’s too bad especially when you don’t have a backup. Now don’t worry, you just need the help from Samsung Recovery software.
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Here are some methods for you to recover your deleted text messages on your Samsung phone.Just foolow the guides:

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Nice information! As we all know that if android is really successful doesn't mean that it must not have flaws! Of course there are many mistakes and errors in there especially in the older updates and they will be taken care in the newer versions! I wonder why data recovery softwares are not working in my Samsung Galaxy S4. I just have installed an app which is called android spy app and some other games but my phone is getting slow! I don't know what to do about it? Should I uninstall those or something else?

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As long as you had the back up automatically updated simply restore the phone. I just did and everything back to normal. Go into settings - back up-and you will have the option to restore and so recover all the lost data. Hope it helps :)

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answered by is a great free tool for retrieving deleted text messages

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Did either of you recently disable any facet of your GMail account? By default, the contacts displayed in the People app are tied to your GMail and I'm not sure what might happen if you disable the account but it seems possible that they would be removed from your phone.

Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google and tap on your GMail address which should be at the top of the list. Is "Contacts" checked? Is "People details" checked?

And you can also try Samsung Data Recovery to recover deleted messages from Samsung phone.

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If you accidentally deleted your photos, videos, contacts and text messages on your Android, Samsung Galaxy, and so on, you have a chance to recover them. Don’t worry. You can get the help of Android Data Recovery, which will be your best choice and help you restore your lost data on Samsung Galaxy in a simple way. In order to prevent it from being overwritten and recover your data successfully, you have to stop using your Samsung Galaxy after deleting the data by mistake.

How to Recover Lost & Deleted Messages from Samsung

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How to recover deleted text messages from Android phone?

I want to recover deleted SMS text messages from my mobile for a particular number. All the SMS messages are deleted instantly and no threads were present on my mobile so I need to recover every SMS individually.
Your experience is so similar with mine! I ever deleted a sms sent by my GF, which is so meaningful for me. I was so regretful, then I was crazy to find solution to recover this sms from my phone. At last, I got a recommedation from a Android forum, it said that a data recovery software for Android can recover deleted text messages from Android phone, so I tried to download and use it. Awesome! It recover the sms! You can have a try:
Follow the steps below to recover the deleted SMS from android phone. Have a try.

1 Connect your Android phone and enable USB debugging
2 Analyze your Android phone
After the USB debugging, reconnect your phone if you are asked to disconnect it during the setting. Then can see the window below. Here you need to bear in mind that your phone's battery is more than 20% charged, and then you can click "Start" to let the program analyze your Android phone.

3 Scan your Android for deleted text messages
4 Preview and recover messages from Android

You can preview the SMS that can find from it.

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Download the free trial version of Android messaegs Recovery and have a try.
Click here to download
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If you don't have a backup files. you may need a third part android data recovery software to recover your sms messages. Dr.Fone for Android: support recover lost files from more than 2000 android devices you can have a try.

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As is known to all that iPhone (or other iOS based devices) uses quite different storage mechanism compared with general storage media such as hard drive, removable disk etc. All generated data are stored on the internal flash memory other than expanded storage through a memory card slot, or the SIM card etc. So many people think there is no way to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone once they are erased by accident.
However, there is another important feature for iPhone. Each time you sync your iPhone via iTunes, all previous data (including your SMS) will be automatically backed up by iTunes. And they are stored as a .sqlitedb file, which is not viewable or taken out unless you use some specific trick.
If you don't make backup on iTunes or iCloud, you need some iPhone data recovery app to help you.

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You need to get a Samsung Galaxy Data Recovery to help you recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S4, here, you can turn to Dr .Fone for Android which is powerful enough to recover deleted contacts, text message, photos and videos from Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Android phones and tablets such as Samsung Captivate, Samsung Infuse, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Note and so on.
Related use guide: How to recover contacts on Samsung Galaxy

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All the answers here that mention programs are lies to promote dangerous or malicious programs that install spyware and viruses on your computer. I called three metro pcs dealers as well as their 800 number and found out that there is no way to recover sms messages unless you get a subpoena from a court and good luck getting that. I'm enraged that I lost important texts. I tried many of the programs mentioned above which are all scams and had to restore my entire computer to factory settings. So now not only have I lost my texts but important things on my computer as well. There is no program that can recover deleted sms messages...PERIOD.

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