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I have an Android phone. What software can I use to make cheap calls?

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For Android phones, Skype is a great choice when it comes to calling other users or mobile phones. Before you can use the call ability you will need to create an account and charge it with credits/money, then you can call Internationally at low rates.

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In fact, there is at least one more application you can try. For example, Viber will let you call, text, and send photos worldwide for free.

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Verizon and Sprint work perfectly, but I never tried Sprint, so go with Verizon.

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u have to use either Skype or nimbuzz for cheap cAlls

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You can go with Fring, Nimbuzz, Qik, etc. All these can make your call cheap.

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i think nimbuzz is good.i am using this application and i am satisfied

try it

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Ok.then a would like to download madeena cheah calls software.

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Vyke call is one of the best application once installed on your device, have tried it. can call for an hour at a flat and very low rate through any network.

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