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How do I know the update is official? There's a "jukcheck.exe" asking to make changes on my hard drive.

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What is jucheck.exe? I am afraid it's a malware application. I know that the exe. extension means to execute files. I'm not sure if it's Oracle's.

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The app that comes with Java and is responsible for scheduled update checks is called jucheck.exe. Not jukcheck.exe, not justcheck.exe, not anything else. If the name looks iffy, don't run the file or let it make any changes. The file is very likely to be a malware made to look like a Java updater.

Fire up msconfig (Start menu -> Run -> Type msconfig), switch over to the Autorun tab, and uncheck the box next to the dubious file. Then run a virus scan.

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Jucheck is the updater application for Java. It means that it's an automated process scheduled to start at certain intervals of time to check for newer version of Java Runtime. For an official explanation from Oracle company, please visit the FAQs page of the entry.

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