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Is it possible to take screenshots on ZTE Warp with Android 2.3.5 with no root?

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asked Feb 11, 2013
edited Feb 25, 2013 by Nadia B

Any combination I press brings up the turn off menu.

5 Answers

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answered Feb 12, 2013 by Pete Clapp (193,030 points)
edited Feb 25, 2013 by Nadia B

If you can't take any screenshots using the built-in combination method, then I recommend you to install a screenshot application from Google Play. Just navigate through results and you will see that there are applications that don't require a rooted phone.

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answered May 11, 2013

I went to Google Play but all the apps that CLAIM to be NO ROOT continue to atsk me to root my phone ! @peteclapp

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answered Jun 11, 2013

Press the down volume button and the power button and hold

asked Sep 20, 2014
edited Sep 22, 2014 by Sean Hill
Screenshot information on ZTE n80.
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answered Sep 29, 2013 by jay 11 (140 points)

I got a ZTE Warp Sequent (ZTE-N861)earlier today.
Pressing Volume Down and the Power Button on the top of the phone SIMULTANEOUSLY gives a screenshot every time. (Hold the buttons for 2 seconds.)

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answered Dec 5, 2013

I tired the built-in feature but the volume and off feature comes up

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