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I want to register my Huawei device, I need you to suggest a password for me, because all the passwords I've tried to use are not working.

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I need to register my wireless Internet connection device, but I need to know what type of passwords to use, because all the passwords I've tried are not 'valid'. Can anybody help me with this problem, please? I need to update my Internet connection, MTN, and without registering via Software Informer, no updates can be downloaded.

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I can give you 5:


Or you can choose the name of your favorite band and add "lover" but without spaces. If your password isn't a word, it's most likely usable. Also, it must be at least 8 letters.

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Thanks Charles25! Your answer was the right choice.
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The general requirement for passwords is that they should be a minimum of 8 characters - letter, numbers, upper letters and symbols. The longer the password is created using this guide, the more secure it is. A password of 8 characters is extremely hard to crack if it's correctly created.

For a successful password you can use the following template: J0hNsm1!2t3_$3. A password of this type is very hard to crack and any system that you use will gladly accept it.

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