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Any alternatives to the Mosaically website?

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There is a really cool photo mosaic website that lets users make their own photo mosaic picture from pictures from their computer and Facebook, then share ultra-high resolution zoomable mosaics online, and order prints and downloads. It's Mosaically and it's already got over 9,000 mosaics made by its users. Does anyone know if there're any other photo photo mosaic websites like them?

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You can try PrintMosaic (I am the author of the app)

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You can try Mosaikify -

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You can try to use the already suggested answers and as an alternative, you can also use Pixisnap or if you prefer a desktop solution, there are multiple applications available hosted on Software's Informer database.

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The images that Pixisnap and Mosaically produce are NOT photo mosaics. The source image is just kept and semi-transparent tile images are overlayed on it.
If you like the result, fine, but they are not photo mosaics.

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