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Installed WinEdt 6 for client who needs to convert document to PDF format, wants to use MikTex; what is the procedure to install MikTex to use with WinEdt 6?

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Client upgraded from WinEdt5 to WinEdt6. Was able to convert documents to PDF in WinEdt5 using MikTex. Now he has installed WinEdt6, and can not open an existing .tex file to continue editing. Unfortunately, the Dr. is on a publishing deadline worldwide, and time is of the essence. If there are explicit instructions regarding using WinEdt6 and Mik Tex (such as downloading the programs separatly) please be so kind as to advise at your earliest convenience.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my inquiry.

Sincerely, C.F. O'Grady.

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The latest version of WinEdt, WinEdt 6, should integrate seamlessly with MikTex 2.9. You may download the latter program from

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