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How can I increase the dedicated video memory for my Pavilion G6-2212SA?

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I have a HP Pavilion G6-2212SA and it shows 1664 MB graphics memory but only 32MB is dedicated. How can I increase the dedicated video memory?

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You need to boot your computer into BIOS to change the dedicated memory allowed for your graphics card. You can find the settings on the Advanced menu/Chipset menu.

You can boot into BIOS by restarting your computer and then by quickly pressing the corresponding key for BIOS Setup.

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I tried doing it in BIOS but there is no such option in my BIOS. When I asked some people they say that I have to change my BIOS to upgrade it. Isn't there any other alternative method?
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Hi I have same problem,but I haven't find advanced menu in my bios.Do you have any idea in where I can change it? Thanks in advanced.


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