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How to delete a page that keeps coming up from "FBI" and locks the computer? It asks for money to unlock the computer.

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I advise you to perform a Manual removal of the malware because what you're experiencing is a malware infection, but it's way too hard and it involves advanced operations regarding manipulation of files, registry and settings which if not done right, it could compromise your system's stability. That page that comes up is fake and it was designed to scam you. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and install it. Please, do thta in SafeMode because no additional modules will be loaded and most likely the malware application will not run properly allowing you to run application. Perform a full scan of your computer and reboot as necessary. Perform the scan 2-3 times and reboot again every time the application asks and for the future, consider installing an antivirus solution.

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