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Can I get a driver for HP Photosmart D6160 printer for Windows 7?

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The drivers for this particular product are accessed from the Windows Update in Windows 7. The official statement should clarify what I have just said.

"The drivers for your HP product are already included in the new Windows 7 operating system! You do not need to download drivers to use the product. Simply connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable, and Windows 7 automatically installs the driver for your product."

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Yes you are right on that one BUT when I go to check my ink levels it will not show them

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Checking ink levels
Follow the steps below to print an internal test page to better determine the amount of ink available in each cartridge:

    Press and hold the Power button.
    Press the Resume button once.
    Release the Power button.

A test page will print. Included on this page will be the ink level for each installed print cartridge shown as a percentage value.

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