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How to uninstall the IB application?

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I am looking for a way to remove the IB application from my computer, but when I go to Programs and want to uninstall it, the program is still in Chrome/Firefox. Why isn't there a "remove" button? Please help, someone installed it on the family computer and I don't know who it was so please help! It is really annoying.

A really annoyed person.

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First, you will need to remove the extensions as these have a different uninstall method. Simply remove them from your Chrome/Firefox browsers. In Chrome go to Menu > Tools > Extensions, locate the add-on and click the Bin icon. In Firefox, go to Tools > Add-ons, locate the add-on and click Disable/Remove then restart both browsers and proceed to uninstallation using the "Uninstall a program" feature. Also, to make sure you finally got rid of them, please go to Start > Run > type msconfig and press Enter from where you need to navigate to Startup tab and uncheck everything that it's related to the IB product. Restart the computer and these items will be gone.

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Hi, here is a step by step guide to remove this malware
Choose a good antimalware software and do a scan afterwards.

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