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I have installed "Torch" on my computer and I do not find it useful in any way. How can I uninstall it?

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Torch is just a computer browser which features an uninstaller. You can use it either from the Start Menu or from the Add/Remove Programs. If it fails to uninstall I believe you will need to use an advanced uninstaller, something like Your Uninstaller! or Revo Uninstaller. These and some other applications feature advanced un-installation methods in case an application fails to be removed due to various reasons.

The removal procedure is easy: install one of those applications and locate the faulty application on the list, then right click it and choose to remove it. The application will detect if the uninstaller is broken and it will proceed accordingly and there you go, Torch will be uninstalled.

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Is Torch a Mac Product, as i downloaded it, and straight away i couldnt access facebook etc changed passwords, then i had problems with new passwords , i did change passwords correctly, torch kept flashing up wanting access to my key chain, still couldnt get access. Seems more of a headache than anything else. Regards J

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Click the "spyglass" in the upper right corner of you screen. Search for "torch" and a list will appear. Click on the uninstaller and presto it's gone!!!

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