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I have a question about Micrografx Flowcharter 7 on Windows 8

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I have an XP version of Micrografx Flowcharter 7.
In searching for answers, I gathered that Corel has taken over the software. I may be wrong. However, I am in the process of updating to Windows 8. Can you, please, advise if I can run Flowercharter 7 on Windows 8?
I am retired, but have a few hobbies where I occasionally use Flowcharter on and don’t want the expense of purchasing a replacement professional version for the odd flowcharting work.

Steve Cartner.

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The version of your software was designed to work on Windows NT, 98, 2000, Me, 95, Mac, Linux and Unix. Windows 8 is a far more advanced operating system which does not have compatibility with applications created for those versions of Windows. In this case you can only upgrade or use the operating system you currently have. Flowcharter features have been embedded in the Corel's top product called CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and if you plan to install Windows, then I am afraid that you will need this software because you can't use your old version of the application.

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I have the same question for conversion to Windows 7. Does Flow Charter 7 work on Windows 7 and if not, what format should I export existing flow charts to read into say VISIO?

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Yes it will work on windows 7, i have made a ThinApp for Flowcharter 7 on windows 7. However it seems to crash when you load large flows. I am debugging to see if i can make it work with windows XP dll's in the thinapp.

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If you are using Windows 7 Professional and above, you can download and use XP Mode for Free from Microsoft so you can continue to use older software on a Windows 7 system!

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