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Where can I get a free but proffesional,advanced video editor, to make high-quality videos?

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Hi, on January 1st, I'm starting a new Youtube channel. I'm planning out my channel and I need a good video editor, free, but more advanced than just Windows Movie Maker. It would also be very useful if it could include a screen recorder, or you could give me one?How about a screen recorder for iPhone?

Thanks, Please reply soon (if that's how this site works, I'm not familiar!)

Edit: (For windows!)

3 Answers

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am afraid the only option you have is to buy the original video editing software

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I agree to Jabu, there's no free professional software unless you get cracked version. If you are a beginner, I suggest you take a look

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Any Video Converter Free has the fucntions to Clip, crop, rotate or merge to edit videos as you like. You could download it to have a try.

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