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How to convert a DVD with VRO files to a file type I can play on Blu-ray?

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I recorded TV shows on a DVD using a Samsung DVD/VCR combo unit several years ago. The recorder no longer works, however, when I bought a new Blu-ray player I figured I would be able to play the DVD's on it. The Blu-ray player will not read the DVD's even though I can play them on the computer with Windows Media Player. The computer says the file has an extension with(VRO) and that its not recognized by Windows Media Player but might play anyway. It does play the DVD but lumps all 12 different episodes into one long play. Is there a way to convert this format to something I can then burn to another DVD and play on my Blu-ray player?

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Handbrake is an universal converter which also supports VRO format. You can select the input file and convert it to a wide range of video formats. Also, it has been reported that VRO format is interchangeable with MPG/MPEG. Try to rename these files to MPEG and then play them.

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