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Can I use the same IP for several computers to access the Internet?

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I agree with Andrew.

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Yes, of course! My roommates and I use one IP, we have three laptops. You just need a router to help you out. So, go buy a router, read the instruction, and then set your Internet.

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You need a router in order to achieve that. It is simple. Just go to buy one and then set your Internet, that is all.

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Yeah dude! You can! (Sorry for awkwardness) :)

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You can if you use a router.But the speed of the network may decrease with the increase of connection.

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it is indeed possible to use the same ip addres.i use a WLAN adapter to access my school router ip addres.

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Yes, it is possible with the help of a router which has to be configured with Static IP option enabled. The rest of the computers use LAN IP addresses. Another possibility is with Switch but the Internet connection has to be in Static IP/DHCP mode also. This means that the ISP provider should configure the connection and assign IP automatically because the switch doesn't have an interface you can configure.

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