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I have Cool Edit 2000 running on my PC under XP. Will it work with Windows 7?

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I have bought the license for Cool Edit 2000, running on my PC under XP.
Will it work when I migrate to Windows 7? If not, is there any free upgrade available?

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This is way late but I am running Cool edit in Win7. I've lost my source file for it otherwise I would be trying it in Win8

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You could download cool edit 2000 from -

and use your license to activate it.

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The application is old and it will run only on Windows XP as this is the last supported operating system. As the software was never free, I don't think you can upgrade for free to the newest application which is called Adobe Audition because the company was acquired by Adobe. You will need to use either XP for the software to work or buy new software.

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